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List of Specialist Language tutors in Singapore

English Tuition

1. Mr. Tong Yee - School of Thought (SOT) - one of Singapore's top-five 'Super Tutors' featured on The Sunday Times headlines (Jun 15, 2008). General Paper (GP) and English tuition. Contact No. 6334 8773.

2. Mrs. Paul PhD MSc MA MBA - PhD, MSc, MA (Ed), MBA, Diploma in TESOL, Cert in Speech Development and Creative Drama, Cert in Phonics and Cert in Autism. Former NIE Lecturer (NTU), former PhD examiner (The University of Sydney), action research consultant, academic and creative writing instructor. Full-time, committed tutor. More than 15 years of experience. English tuition, one-on-one and small group, K2 to JC levels. According to MOE English syllabus. Pedagogical approaches used: explicit teaching, accommodation for sensory and self-regulation needs, differentiated instruction, Universal Design for Learning, breaking up process into manageable steps, and instructions imbued with lots of encouragement, motivation and patience. Location: Block 153, Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-472, S' 550153. A flexible learning layout and friendly, conducive environment. Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 8687 1445.

3. Prof. J. Villanueva - Offers English tuition. Holds 3 Ph. D's in in English, Humanities–Creative Writing and Psycholinguistics. He teaches students in primary, secondary, pre-university levels in English as a first, second and foreign language with an average pass. The feed-back from the results shown in their progress at school yearly have always reflected a 96 percent pass average. Please call 6338 9895.

4. Oxford Linguistic and NUS Graduate with First Class - Linguistics Masters - Offers ELL/GP Tuition individual and group. Experienced school teacher. SMS 9724 2887.

5. Mr. Teo (Clementi) - 1st Class Honours Graduate cum Lecturer. Offering English tuition (English Language and Literature) for Secondary Level in Singapore. Contact No. 6775 9123.

6. University Business Lecturer - Conducts GP Tuition. Progress guaranteed. East side at tutor's home. Please call 9799 5484.

7. New York University First Class Honours Grad - Offers group GP tuition. Contact No. 9060 1426.

8. JC Teacher and NUS PhD English Lecturer - 'A' Level GP Workshop, 'O' Level English small class. JC Teacher, NUS PhD English Lecturer. Contact No. 9638 0122.

9. Current JC Lecturer and Ex-National Debater - Offers GP and 'O' level English small group tuition. Critical thinking and literacy skills. Conducted in North-East area. Please call 8315 9651.

10. Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) - Female MOE-trained school teacher with Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) from Nanyang Technological University specialises in English from Primary level to Secondary level. Small group English tuition at Upper Thomson, 1-to-1 tuition is subject to availability. Please call 9876 5448.

11. Terry Feargrieve - UK Teacher. Experienced and qualified private tutor TSEOL. Specialising in English tuition. Also offers Literature, History and Geography tuition. Conducts both 1 to 1 or small group tuition. Please call 9195 0186.

12. General Paper and Project Work Specialist - NIE-trained Master's degree holder and former MOE scholar from Raffles Institution (GEP). Currently a university lecturer teaching English Language and Critical Thinking; former teacher at RI and Department Head at ACS. 12 years of experience tutoring GP/PW, with proven results. East area. Call 9487 5105 now!

13. Lady GP Lecturer - Offers GP JC1/2 and IP group tuition at Toa Payoh, Tamplines, Bukit Batok. Call 8139 8888.

14. Current Junior College Teacher - Lady GP Lecturer offers small group tuition in Secondary English Language and General Paper at home at Pine Grove (near Ulu Pandan Road) . Please SMS 9792 2499 for more information.

15. Mr. Cheng's Learning Circle - Specialist for English Language and Creative Writing for Primary and Secondary levels. MOE trained - former Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation) and Head of Department (English). More than 10 years tutoring experience. Committed to helping every child achieve their learning goal - be it securing a good pass or getting that coveted distinction for English. Close monitoring of students' progress with *exclusive *Excel software, Achievement Potential TrackerTM (APT). Offers small group tuition at Serangoon area (5-minute walk from NEX); 1-to-1 tuition is subjected to availability. Call/SMS/WhatsApp 9797 6581.

16. Mr. Chew - Current English Language Teacher in International college (Graduated from Monash University) Offers Group O level or General Paper English Tuition at Serangoon area. Speciality- Coaching International students for exam results in O Level. Please contact Mr Chew, 9696 0802.

17. Secondary School Teacher - Offering English Tuition for high achievers. Contact No. 9749 5172

18. Qualified Experienced Lady Teacher - Offering English Tuition in language structure and writing skills. Contact No. 9386 6197

19. Experienced Ex-MOE English Teacher - with 15 years of teaching experience. Track record of helping students achieve high scores. Taught in Band 1 secondary schools and IP schools. Contact: 9757 8406.

20. Former English Language School Teacher - English language university lecturer: Dr Patel has over 15 years of teaching experience, including a number of years as an MOE school teacher (NIE-trained). She was conferred a Doctor in Education (specialising in English language, applied linguistics and international education) by University College London (UK). It's ranked number one in the world for education and number seven overall by QS World Universities Ranking. She teaches English/Literature for secondary/high school, English/GP for IB/A Level levels, coaches IB extended essays, as well as Business/Adult English. She also specialises in academic writing for university undergraduate/postgraduate levels. She is a caring and dedicated tutor who would do her utmost best to ensure her students become confident users of the English language. Mobile: 8799 2568

21. Ms. Charissa Liew - Ex-school teacher with 10 years of teaching experience; Offering Primary to Secondary English Tuition, and preparing foreign students for AEIS (School entrance exam); Diploma in TESOL (Distinction); Postgrad. Dip in Education (Credit); Currently reading Masters in Education (Specializing in curriculum & teaching) at NTU-NIE. Small group tuition at Thomson area; 1-to-1 tuition is subject to availability. Contact 9823 2110.

22. Mrs. Kim - PSLE Marker and Tester Ex-Grad Teacher (PSLE Marker and Tester) Offering K2 to Primary 6 PSLE Group English Tuition in Simei. Contact No. 9754 9298

23. Ex-JC School Teacher - Offering General Paper (GP) Tuition. 'A' Level exams preparation. Mrs. Lee. Contact No. 9694 8638.

24. Ex-Teacher (B.A. Hons) - Offering English Tuition at Hougang. Contact No. 9762 6801

25. Ex-Teacher - Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Diploma in Education. Offering one-to-one and group (minimum 3 students) English Tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9699 0758

26. Mr. Wee - Bachelor of Arts, Certificate in Education. Offering English Tuition in Singapore for Secondary 1 to 4. Contact No. 6241 9451 or 9650 5783

27. English Specialist Lady Tutor - Offering English Tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9857 0489

28. Phonics and Reading Specialist - Balestier area, 1hr 30min/lesson, able to read in 4 lessons. 10 yrs of experience. Ex-teacher. Call Mrs Wong to register at 9857 8702.

29. Full-time English Tutor - I am currently a full-time English tutor specialising in English tuition for primary and secondary levels. I have 7 years' experience in tutoring English and Literature. I currently reside in Woodlands and am conducting home-based tuition in my humble abode. I offer individual/group tuition. Group tuition would not exceed 4 in a group so each child gets the attention s/he deserves. 9383 4559.

30. Jacqueline Yeo - Jacqueline Yeo is an award-winning educator of English with over 20 years teaching experience in Singapore. Jacqueline was Head of Department for English Language at a top Primary school prior to founding Thought and Words Learning Centre . Thought and Words offers English Enrichment Programmes (group lessons) focusing on writing and reading comprehension skills for primary school students. Tel: 6241 5531

31. Ms. Kim-Chua - Ms. Kim-Chua has been in Higher Education for the past 10 years and is trained in language education, psychology and writing. She is able to provide 1-1 and small group tuition from Secondary, JC levels, Uni and Adult levels. Areas covered include latest MOE A/O Level English syllabus, essay and thesis writing, business English and university admissions tests such as IELTS, SAT and scholarship interviews assessments. She is also able to provide remedial writing tutoring services for foreign university students enrolled in SG universities. Please contact 9889-3489 (WhatsApp or SMS preferred) for rates.

Chinese Tuition

1. Dr. Lim - Ex-teacher from R.I. offering Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition in Singapore from Sec 1 to JC. Contact No. 9646 4959.

2. Retired Head of Department - Top School Ex-Head of Department teaches Chinese tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9862 4678

3. Retired Rosyth Head of Department - Dedicated and experience Chinese Language teacher. Retired Head of Department from Rosyth School with more than 35 years of teaching experience offers Chinese tuition. Contact 8484 2000

4. Scholar Writer Chinese Teacher - Teaches Primary, Secondary and JC Chinese tuition. Contact No. 9026 7733

5. Mrs. Yu - Bilingual School Teacher offers Chinese tuition in Singapore for Primary, Secondary and JC. Contact No. 6288 8935

6. Mdm. Tan - Qualified Teacher offers Chinese tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9068 7609.

7. Ex-CHIJ St Nicholas Chinese Teacher - Specialises in Chinese and Higher Chinese Tuition from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Contact Ms. Tan at 9477 4677.

8. Top School Chinese Teacher - Offers Chinese tuition from Secondary 1 to Pre-University 2 at Bukit Timah. Contact No. 6469 8687

9. Teacher Jin - Chinese Teacher with 20 years' experience offering Chinese Tuition for PSLE, GCE 'O' and 'A' Level in Singapore. Contact No. 6557 2018

10. Ms. Joan - Ex-Teacher with 20 years' experience offering Chinese Tuition in Pasir Ris, Singapore. Contact No. 6585 3486

11. Mrs. Hong - Chinese teacher from China school. Graduated from Quanzhou Teaching Academy in Fujian, China in 1987. Conducts Chinese Tuition Classes. Call 9662 7615.

12. Mr. Ho - Author of Chinese Essay Books offers GCE 'O' and 'AO' Level individual and group Chinese tuition in Singapore. Contact No. 9385 2949

13. Teacher from Beijing - 28 years of experience teaching Chinese Tuition in Singapore from K1 to JC. Contact No. 6738 8529

14. Author / Graduate from China University - Offering Chinese Tuition in Singapore from Primary to JC. Contact No. 6348 8597

15. Ms. Joanne - Experienced Lady Tutor offering Chinese Tuition in Singapore. Home tuition available. Contact No. 6235 7003

16. Mr. Kok - Chinese Specialist Tutor in Singapore giving Chinese tuition in small group at East Coast or home tuition at Bukit Timah. Contact No. 9764 1616

17. Lady Chinese Tutor - Lady Chinese Tutor with 20 years' experience offering Chinese tuition from Primary 5 to JC. Contact No. 9385 9354

18. Chinese Story Writing - Master Chinese by learning to write Chinese stories at Orchard. Contact No. 9851 4042

19. Professional Tutor - Specializes in Chinese tuition for primary students in Singapore. Contact No. 9100 9946

Malay Tuition

1. Current Malay Language School Teacher - Offering Malay Tuition next to Potong Pasir MRT. Max. 5 students per group for Sec 3 & 4, O' levels. Contact No. 9757 5494

2. Malay Language Teacher - Offering Malay Tuition. Contact No. 9793 8793

3. Ex-Malay Teacher - Offering Malay Tuition for P5/P6 in Eastern Singapore. Contact No. 9159 4001

Tamil Language

1. Mr. Sebasan - Ex-School Teacher offering Tamil tuition. Contact No. 9187 1672

2. Mrs. Bavani - Conducts Group Tamil Tuition for primary and secondary students at Bukit Batok area in Singapore. Contact No. 9183 7612

3. Experienced Lady Tamil Tutor - With 10 years' experience offering Tamil tuition for Secondary 1 to 4. Contact No. 6455 9395 / 9794 5050

4. S. Dass - With 17 years' experience both individual and group. Teaching Tamil tuition from pre-primary to 'A' Levels. Contact No. 9061 8965.

French Language

1. French Native Tutor - Offers French Tuition. Call: 9776 9369.

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